Ikenobo Ikebana Demonstration by Professor Midori Katoh
Location: The Espousal Center – 554 Lexington Street, North Waltham, MA 02452
Date: April 9, 2008
The April 9, 2008 meeting of Ikebana International-Boston Chapter featured Professor Midori Katoh of the Ikenobo School Japan as demonstrator of several beautiful Ikenobo arrangements.

She gave a brief history of the Ikenobo School which dates back over 600 years. It has lasted so long because it always reflected the feeling of the times. There are three basic styles: Rikka, Shoka and Jiyuka (free style). Her creative arrangements were of these styles and some of their variations.

The first arrangement was jiyuka, featuring the Peony, king of the flowers in Japan. While composing several arrangements, Professor Katoh noted the following: Ikebana is the expression of one’s mind or heart, flowers express the seasons and branches express the time and leaves are important for they express one’s life. Ikenobo values empty space, the lifeline of the arrangement is of great importance, plant materials go to the sun for energy, choose one flower that is impressive and use with flowers that are less so and the arrangement should give you the sense of the wind. A large arrangement, using two decorated gift bags over the containers, was a grand finale for this enlightening demonstration.