Ichiyo Ikebana Demonstration by Anna Nakada
Location: University of MA–Waltham Center, 240 Beaver St. Waltham, MA 02452
Date: October 21, 2008
Anna Nakada, Master Ichiyo School of Ikebana

A demonstration by Ms. Anna Nakada, Past International President of Ikebana International (2001-2002), a student of Akihiro Kasuya, Headmaster of the Ichiyo School and his assistant from 1997-2001.

Ms. Nakada demonstrated seven signature style arrangements of the Ichiyo School, including an outstanding free style composition for which she used a large coil-shaped Japanese woven bamboo Hana Ajiro basket holding two containers.

While she was composing her beautiful arrangements she explained the basic principles of her school. She did not prepare or trim her selected materials before the demonstration explaining that it is important to show the process of composing an arrangement. The material is analyzed in depth for its form and color, allow nature to do its work to achieve a beautiful balanced arrangement.

It was our pleasure to be present at Master Nakada’s informative and charming program.