Ohara Ikebana Demonstration by Mrs. Reiko Kawamura
Location: University of MA–Waltham Center, 240 Beaver St. Waltham, MA 02452
Date: April 21, 2009
Continuing our 50th anniversary celebration, Mrs. Reiko Kawamura presented an Ohara Ikebana demonstration at our April 21, 2009 general meeting.

Mrs. Kawamura is a grandmaster of the Ohara School and has been teaching since 1965. She presently teaches six days a week, conducts the Japanese Tea Ceremony on the weekends and is president of the North American Ohara Society. Using vibrant spring flowers as her theme, Mrs. Kawamura made six arrangements, beginning with a simple Moribana style, progressing to a more complex, Rinpa landscape arrangement.

The Ohara School emphasizes the natural form of plant materials, and she showed many mechanical techniques for achieving this effect. One of her arrangements was the traditional upright Moribana Amaryllis arrangement. In this arrangement, a supporting stick is inserted in the kenzan and the Amaryllis is placed over the stick, which gives it support. Mrs. Kawamura's demonstration was an inspiration to all, befitting the third demonstration honoring our anniversary year.