Ichiyo Ikebana Demonstration by Elaine Jo
Location: Espousal Center, 554 Lexington St., Waltham, MA 02452
Date: April 27, 2010
Elaine Jo, Executive Master of the Ichiyo School

Spring and the beautiful stems that nature provides was the theme for our program, “Ichiyo Ikebana Demonstration” by Elaine Jo, Executive Master of the Ichiyo School. She has studied Ikebana with Keiko Shimojima, Vice-headmaster, Meikof Kasuya, cofounder and former headmaster and the present headmaster, Akihiro Kasuya. Elaine was the Director of the Ichiyo Art Center in Atlanta from 1994 to 2006 and presently teaches at the Hastings Garden Center in Atlanta.

The freshness and happiness of spring was exemplified in all eight of her arrangements. They included the classical 2-sided with bamboo, an illuminated one and how this light effects the shadows on the materials and another with no kenzan where it is essential to find the exact two point touch.

The Ichiyo School has many similarities to other Ikebana schools where beginners learn to arrange flowers by using a kenzan in the moribana style and the X-support for a nageire style. However, the present Iemoto, Akihiro Kasuya, introduced the use of many techniques for making arrangements in moribana containers where no kenzan is used. This has opened up new ways to be creative in our Ikebana designs.

Elaine inspired us with her freshness and her encouragement to try new ideas, while expressing ourselves with joy through flowers.