Sogetsu Ikebana Demonstration Judith Hata
Location: Elm Bank 900 Washington St. (Rt.16) Wellesley, MA 02482
Date: April 16, 2013
Honored once again! On April 16, 2013, the Ikebana International Boston Chapter #17 was delighted to observe a demonstration by Judith Hata, Riji of the Sogetsu School. Her outstanding twelve arrangements began with a basic moribana style, transcending to free style arrangements with each one exemplifying her inventive spirit. Mrs. Hata’s use of unusual materials included a cut paper lantern with tulips peeking through the openings, and a banana flower coupled with giant white birds of paradise. Her grand finale was a large arrangement of cherry and forsythia blossoms rising from a black base having strategically placed unusual natural pieces of wood. Everyone was energized by her dynamic demonstration.

A workshop was held the following day, where it was the member’s turn to be creative under Mrs. Hata’s tutelage.

We were pleased to have Mrs. Misako Muto, wife of the new Japanese Consul General and an honorary member of I.I., attend this meeting.