Ikenobo Demonstration by Professor Toshiko Kobiki
Location: Elm Bank, 900 Washington St. (Rt. 16), Welllesley, MA 02482
Date: October 8, 2013
We were thrilled to have, as part of our Chapter’s 55th Anniversary celebration, Mrs. Toshiko Kobiki from Osaka as our Ikenobo guest demonstrator. Mrs. Kobiki has achieved the highest level skill in the Ikenobo School which was clearly apparent in her eleven outstanding arrangements. Using autumnal & other colorful flowers, grasses and leaves Mrs. Kobiki made rikka shoka, rikka shimputai, classical shoka & rikka, free style arrangements.

The program began with her speaking of the history of ikebana through the ages and the schools which followed from Ikenobo. Each style was explained and we were happy to see and learn many new wiring, fixing and bending techniques which can be applied to many schools of ikebana. Our room was aglow with calla lilies, cockscomb, gentian, nandina, celosia, hydrangea, dahlias, freesia, aspidistra leaves, pampas & miscanthus grass, liatris,and solidago, to mention just a few. How enjoyable it was to see an arrangement in a flat glass dish composed of calla lilies, carnations, gypsophila, ruscus, fern and another one placed on an easel with an applied openwork container arranged with pink anthurium, red godetia, gypsophila, freesia, spider fern and pampas grass.

A raffle of all the flowers followed the demonstration and a delicious catered buffet luncheon was served. It was a happy and successful anniversary celebration.