Ichiyo Ikebana Demonstration by Valerie Eccleston
Location: Elm Bank, 900 Washington Street, Wellesley, MA 02482
Date: April 29, 2014
Our meeting this month featured an absorbing and colorful demonstration by Valerie Eccleston from the Ichiyo School. Many of us were unfamiliar with this school which was founded by Meikof Kasuya and his sister, Ichiyo in 1937. The present Headmaster, Akihiro Kasyua is currently one of the best known contemporary artists of ikebana and is the first to use crossing lines in arrangements.

Mrs Eccleston, a teacher with her school’s highest level came from Washington, DC to Boston to give an inspirational and fascinating demonstration. She made nine outstandingly beautiful arrangements, all using natural materials as the mechanics to support her flowering sculptures. We watched and learned as she used large spring flowering branches including, cut bamboo, curly willow, a woven rattan globe, camellia and flowering dogwood as the structure which would hold the huge varieties of flowers without the use of a kenzan. Her containers were colorful modern ceramic some with slanting sides and ragged edges. A myriad of flowers used in her arrangements were raffled at the conclusion of the meeting.

Dennis Howard, a well-known local potter, was our very popular vender. A workshop for 25 members followed. We enjoyed the opportunity to practice the skills we had just learned using curly willow and Japanese iris.