Ohara Demonstration by Mr. Tomita, Grand Master of Ohara School
Location: MHS at Elm Bank, Hunnewell Bldg., 900 Washington St., Wellesley, MA 02482
Date: April 21, 2015
Mr. Mutsuo Tomita, an Internationally well known Senior Grand Master of the Ohara School, with meticulous expertise clearly expressed the joy and fulfillment of his long life with flowers. The demonstration table held two exhibition-size arrangements with the center area reserved for inspired demonstrations showing the concepts of the Ohara School using Landscape and Freestyle lessons. Mr. Tomita explained the importance of using naturally grown materials which distinguish the season, emphasizing that the container must be in proportion to the main line and that understanding the characteristics of the material will create beautiful lines. He demonstrated bending and fixing techniques that dramatically improve the line material.

Twenty-seven persons participated in the workshop practicing Hana-isho moribana, using kiku, fern and pussy willow. He was most generous with his time and individually helped each student create their own beautiful ikebana. A farewell dinner was held the evening before Mr. Tomita’s departure.