2017 Tower Hill Ikebana Exhibition
Location: 11 French Drive, Boyston, MA
Date: October 20, 2017 - October 22, 2017
Tower Hill Botanic Garden

The 2017 Boston Chapter of Ikebana International exhibition at Tower Hill Botanic Garden was held October 20 – 22. More than 2000 people came to Tower Hill during the 3 day exhibition. We had 29 arrangements on pedestals, 3 large floor arrangements, one which was done by a teacher and her students, and one grouping of miniature arrangements. 36 members exhibited from 4 schools; Ikenobo, Ichiyo, Ohara and Sogetsu. The show was on display for two and one half days. During these days we had II members who served as docents; they explained ikebana to the attendees at 3 stations throughout the building.

To further involve the public we held 5 demonstrations by 7 II members in the auditorium. Three schools were represented in the demonstrations. A children’s workshop was offered through the Education Department of Tower Hill and publicized on their website. The class was full with 12 students and their parents.

Ikebana containers were sold by three potters from Ohio, New Hampshire and Massachusetts. The Show Chairman teaches a monthly class at Tower Hill where people can begin to study one of the schools. Many visitors took Ikebana International membership forms to perhaps continue to learn about this art form.
This was a very successful show and the education and participation of the public was well executed.